Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 26, 2020

Good morning everyone, and apologies for the late Observer post.  I've taken a small break from GBC building to do what every AFOL dreads: sorting, and organizing!  I'm hoping to be back building GBC next week, now onto this weeks interesting videos.

First up, the nonsense wars channel brings us a new module using a new linkage.  As always the design and build process is well narrated by Pikohan resulting in an enjoyable GBC module walkthrough.

Kevin Mitcham shows us the latest version of his lifting arms sweeper.  The interesting thing about this sweeper is how low the pickup is, Kevin mentions it is approximately 4 plates high!  I have seen him use a variant of this to recover the balls at the output of his train module.

Master builder Akiyuki shows us an updated version of his spiral lift.  I've seen reproductions of his earlier design fail frequently at convention layouts, so hopefully this new design is easier for adopted owners to keep running.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Updated Module - RISE+RUN Version 2

Recently while going through my collection of modules, I took a hard look at my RISE+RUN module and had to make a decision.  Tear it down, or rebuild it to work reliably.  I decided on the latter since the original had zero run time at BrickCon 2019 due to it jamming as soon as it was put on the table.

The main issue was the piston steppers at the front of the module: Brick built, poorly.  They would catch on other bricks, and then gears would jump and become desynchronized.  My solution: Do a "full technic" rebuild of the module, removing 90% of the system brick leaving only the transition ramps and input bin tiling.

The results are a sturdier, more reliable module.  I replaced the "piston steps" with smaller tipping ramps.   I've also added a phase adjustment knob, that allows for tuning the ramps to pass balls without any hiccups.

Please enjoy a short video of the module in action below.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 25, 2020

Welcome to a late but not absent GBC Observer post for Week 25, 2020.   It was great seeing everyones GBC Loops at the BW Virtual Event on the weekend.  It provided lots of new GBC ideas and inspiration to work with!  But now lets check out some videos.

First up is a new take on a ball passing module.  This one uses a stepper like drive train but instead of steps, it pushes gears up against a gear rack piece to generate an up-and-over motion for the small cup above.

Next up is "Double Tipper".  Aptly named for requiring two tips to pass balls through the module.  I really appreciate the simplicity of this mechanism.  If I was to improve this, it would be to somehow add a viewing port on the side so you could see the balls exiting the module from the hidden chamber.

Lastly lets look at this module from Dunes.  I'm not sure if I featured it before, and it is a recreation of another builders module.  I like the ball loading slabs of brick, and the right angle triangles of treads that control the motion of the arms.

Have a great week everyone!