Matt Norman is an award winning Lego Great Ball Contraption (GBC) designer from Vancouver, BC Canada.  He has been building Lego GBC’s since 2016 and has displayed them at Lego Conventions in both Canada and the USA.  Matt’s work has been featured by the Lego Group on their official social media pages.  He has also been seen on Beyond the Brick, one of the largest unofficial Lego YouTube channels.

Matt considers himself an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and is currently an active member of the VLC (Vancouver Lego Club).  He also enjoys building Space, Micro-scale and Mini-figure Vignettes.

Outside of his #legolife Matt is happily married and takes the lead on raising their son.

Here are some frequently asked questions Matt receives.

What do you like most about GBC?

“The collaborative aspect is what I find most appealing about the GBC theme.  Teamwork, creativity, and problem solving skills are all needed when running a large multi-day collaborative GBC layout.”

Are you an engineer?

“No, but I previously worked as a technical designer (mission and level design) in the video game industry for 15 years. This included stints at Rockstar Games, Ubisoft Entertainment, and the now defunct United Front Games.”

Where do you get all your Lego?

“Usually on sale at various stores.  Sometimes bulk from the Lego Pick-a-Brick wall, or online via Bricklink.”

The greatballpit.com blog was launched in December of 2017 to share Matt’s work with the Lego Great Ball Contraption community.  It provides Lego GBC news, discussion, tutorials and other Great Ball Contraption related Information.  It also hosts Lego GBC building challenges and a GBC community discussion server on Discord.

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