About Matt

Thanks for checking out the Blog.  I'm a Lego Great Ball Contraption builder located in Vancouver, Canada.

I am a retired Technical Game Designer who worked in the video games industry for 15 years in both Montreal and Vancouver, Canada.  I'm happily married and nowadays my time is spent taking care of our young son, and working on my modules, the YouTube channel, and this blog.
The collaboration aspect is what really draws me to the Lego GBC Theme.  Other Lego themes I enjoy are Microscale, Space, and a few of the licensed themes like the older LotR/Hobbit and still current Minecraft.

My GBC History

I started making Lego GBC modules in late 2016 after randomly watching the Japan Brickfest, and BrickWorld GBC layouts on the Beyond the Brick YouTube channel.  I learned a lot from both Akiyuki for his design aesthetic, and Tom Atkinson for his talks on mechanical reliability.

In 2017 I attended my first Lego Convention, mostly because I wanted to see a GBC layout in person.  I met John Sherman, and Kevin Mitcham, two experienced GBC Layout builders from the pacific northwest of the USA. I brought 1 module to that layout GREYLIME.

GBC Layout at BrickCan 2017

Greylime was a perfect first module. It used a reliable lift mechanism (simple conveyor) and did the following: looked interesting, and worked as a stand alone module (recirculation feature).

I've since returned to BrickCan 2018 earlier this year where I fielded over a dozen modules.  I also attended BrickCon 2018 in Seattle where I had 8 modules on display.

Why start greatballpit.com?

By late 2017 the majority of content I consumed on my television was from streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.  I subscribe to a lot of different channels which includes lots of Lego.  When it came to GBC on YouTube, my most watched individual builders were Josh David, and Sawyer.  I thought to myself "I wish there was more quality Lego GBC content on YouTube" and then I thought "I bet *someone* would like to see this BB-8 module that I just finished"!  That's when I decided to join in and create some.

I also want to reduce the friction of getting started in Lego GBC.  So I'm going to offer a few instructional and informational pages here on this site, eventually transitioning them into videos on YouTube.

Thanks for visiting!