Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lego 9 Volt Train Speed Regulator 🔌⚡️

9 Volt Train Controllers. Yes you can build on them!

What is it?

The 9 Volt Train Speed Regulator is an official lego train controller that was last available in  Lego sets between 1991-2004 ending with the Harry Potter Hogwarts train set (10132).  These are highly desirable by GBC builders because they allow you to power your modules with AC power from an outlet.

They have 6 speeds and can be run in either forward or reverse by twisting the large yellow dial clockwise or counter-clockwise.  They can power multiple motors, the only limitation being that they will run at the same speed.

Being able to control the speed in small increments can help you debug your modules.  When running at a collaborative layout, having the controller makes it easier to control the flow of balls through your portion of the circuit allowing you to speed up or slow down depending on how other peoples modules are interacting with your own modules.

How do you use it?

You will need a 9-12 volt power adapter with a plug size of S2.1x5.5mm.
Train controllers to vary slightly since they were produced over a number of years.  1 of the 4 that I own will only take 9-10v input, where the other 3 will take 9-12v input.  Be sure to check what voltage input your controller needs, it will be stamped into the base near where you plug it in.

A 12 Volt Power Adapter
Different Input Voltages 9-10 and 9-12
You will also need a Power Functions Extension cable.  These cables have a different connector at each end.  One fits the legacy connection to the train controller, while the other end will work with Power Function motors.  These cables can be ordered directly from in the Power Functions section.

A Power Functions M Motor and Extension Cable
Motor connected to the Controller

Where can you get one?

You can order the Train Controllers from  Search for Part Number 2868b

I would recommend buying an extra if you can afford it.  These will become harder to find as GBC continues to grow in popularity.