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Great Ball Pit
Workshop Module 01


30 Ball Bin
Turntable Top for
Ball Pump
Better Ball Bin

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  1. Great job Matt, thanks for the instructions! Can't wait to play around with this...

  2. Lets see what I got wrong....

  3. Thank you Matt!!

    What programm is been used to make this instructions?

    1. I build the 3D model in Bricklink's software. I then "export to LDraw", and open that file with LPub3D where I can make the instructions and export to PDF.

    2. Thank you so much!! I realy like the graphics...

    3. Hey Matt, I love your modules

    4. I'm glad that you enjoy my modules!

    5. Matt please can you post the instruction for the resovoir

  4. Hi Matt, I'd like to build your Solaire GBC but I don't know what the big yellow gear wheel parts are (from pg 58 of the PDF) or the big white slope thing (from page 21) - can you possibly supply part numbers for these so I can see if I can order these pieces via BrickLink?
    Alterantively, are these GBC's on Rebrickable where I could see a proper parts list?

  5. Ok, not sure you've seen this but now I know the yellow geaer wheel parts are from the Bucket Wheel Excator, but I still can't find what the big white slope parts are - hoping you can take just a mo to help me out as I'd really like to build this GBC. Thanks, Mike

    1. They are part: 43085 in white, you'll have to order them from Bricklink since they are over 15 years old.{%22iconly%22:0}

  6. Why do you have to buy upslides instructions, but not the others?