Friday, August 30, 2019

GBC Observer 👁 Week 36, 2019

Welcome to the GBC Observer for Week 36, 2019.  A few days late, with some great-great ball contraption videos to share with you!

But first, where have I been?  I'm still here, and I am always checking in on the GBC Community Chat hosted on Discord HERE!  I've been pulled away from my Lego for a few months for various reasons, which included getting ready to move, and playing some of my favourite video games.  Recently attended a LUG meeting has gotten me back into the Lego!  I'm working on some new modules, and getting ready for BrickCon 2019 in Seattle Washington this October.

Now onto this weeks videos.

Bananaman is back with another unique module called upforks.  It has a robotic look to the movement which is always fun to see in a GBC.

Rohan shows us his latest build, which uses the uncommon octopus legs piece, very cool!

Here is a layout from the Cotswold Bricks and Trains Show (2019).  Lots of modules from Huw in this layout.

And here is one that I think deserves some attention.  It's a 2 mechanism stepper and wheel by  The compact size makes me think this could work well as a workshop module.

I hope you all had a great week!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

GBC Observer 👁 Week 35, 2019

Welcome to week 35 of the GBC Observer.  A few interesting new GBC videos showed up over the last week, and here they are!

First up Huw shows us his Lego boost color sorter.  Huw spliced in a PF cable to power his Boost Hub which is an interesting way to solve the Boost HUB battery issue.

In this next video Sariel compares the older Power Function motors with the new Control➕ motors.  While not technically a GBC video, this content is still worth checking out.

Ryk's rebuild of the massive Great Ball of China module looks nearly complete.  Looks great!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

GBC Observer 👁 Week 34, 2019

I've been busy auditing, repairing, and packing up modules for BrickCon 2019 coming up in October.  Here are some great GBC videos that appeared over the last week on YouTube.

Sawyer has built another interesting liftarm module which carries the ball before throwing it out.  I like how compact this module is.

Cadder shares a walkaround the GBC layout @ Canberra BrickExpo 2019.

Lawrie walks us through the Brickfair Virginia 2019 layout on Beyond the Brick.  Lots of new modules this year, and I'm looking forward to building my own mini-carden lift.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

GBC Observer 👀 Week 33, 2019

I've just returned from a wonderful week long vacation, and here is the GBC Observer for Week 33, 2019 "one day late" edition.

Lasse D has updated his ball pump to V3 which has a bunch of improvements.  It looks like it can clear balls really fast, so this would be a great batch catcher.

Lawrie shares the build secrets of his Stargate module in this next video.

10x10 steppers, have you built one?  Here is Ben's 10x10 stepper.  I like the adjustable output: 2, 3, or 4 balls.