Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lego GBC Balls ⚽️🏀

What are they?

They are official Lego Soccer and Basketballs.  More recently they have been used to represent pool and beach balls in several Lego Friends Sets.

GBC Balls are the most important element of a GBC layout, the lifeblood if you would.  They move around, up and down, slow and fast, alone and in groups.

GBC balls are sometimes confused with "zamor spheres", which was another ball type piece that lego produced in the past.  Zamor spheres are larger and can get stuck in GBC modules due to their size and weight.

Zamor spheres on left, GBC balls on right

How do they work?

Lego GBC Balls are all created with a high degree of tolerances the same as other lego components such as  bricks, gears, etc.  They have a specific size and weight that many GBC modules are so precariously designed around.  The majority of GBC builders prefer them over using other objects such as marbles, beads or ball bearings.  GBC layouts at public conventions will always be using official Lego balls, so that all the modules can work as designed.

Where can you get them?
Search for these part numbers

  • Sports Basketball with Standard Lines Pattern 43702pb02
  • Sports Soccer Ball with Standard Pattern x45pb03
  • Sports Soccer Ball Plain x45
  • Sports Soccer Ball with Magenta Outlined Heart and Star Pattern x45pb06
Lego Sets (Updated for July 2018)
Here are few recent sets that have a GBC ball included, they are quite expensive for just 1 ball, but you also getting other parts.

  • 41335: Mia's Tree House (Orange Ball) 
  • 41338: Stephanie's Sports Arena (Orange Ball) 
  • 41330: Stephanie's Soccer Practice (White Ball) Replacement Parts
Search for Element/Design Number: 72824

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