Saturday, December 4, 2021

Challenge 2021 Winners!


The challenge this year was to build a module that raised a ball to a height of 24 inches (64 bricks).  The GBC standard rules for input and output were to be followed as well.

17 modules were entered, and 10 previous challenge builders returned to vote!

The winner with the most points was ...

fhariede with his stacked shooter module!

This module did a few things that I really enjoyed.  It used the crown piece (part: 39262) for each shooter,  and the output chute was super clean and visually appealing.  Great job fhareiede!

This years runner up was ...

Pinwheel with his "shoo the dragon" shooter module.  This large module tells quite a few stories as a few brave souls attempt to get rid of a dragon who has taken an interest in their castle!

This module uses a pair of shooters (catapults) to get the ball up an over this large custom built castle.  The theming is great and there are several small stories being told as you can see in the video.

In conclusion I would like to thank everyone who participated in this years challenge, I find it interesting that the two winning modules were shooters when there was so many other great lift mechanisms being used.  BvB's impressive coaster track module, and Rohan's giant 2+ meter tower deserve a special mention!

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