Lego GBC for Beginners

Here is a list of recommended modules for someone building Lego Great Ball Contraptions for the first time. These 5 modules are easy to build, very reliable, and don't use obscure or rare pieces. You should be easy to acquire parts easily on BrickLink.

In order to run any of these modules you will need a Lego Power Functions Medium Motor and a power source such as a Battery Pack.  I would recommend purchasing the Power Functions Motor Kit (Set 8293) as it includes the motor, battery pack and a few other useful things like a switch and some gears.

Click on the image or instructions link to view the instructions.

WM01 Small Conveyor by Matt Norman

GBCRamps by Bryan Bonahoom

BrickWorld Pump by Brian Alano

Stackable Wheel by Lasse Deleuran

Compact Cardan Lift by Lawrie George
YouTube VideoInstructions

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