Friday, February 9, 2018

Lego Great Ball Contraption - Roadwork Redux

Hey everyone,

I'm proud to release the official video for the upgraded Roadwork Remix module that I started the Great Ball Pit with.  This is the same module that was shown a few days ago in collaboration with PV-Productions, however this video is done in the Great Ball Pit format.

Roadwork Redux is a small Lego Great Ball Contraption module based on parts from the Lego Technic 42060 Roadwork Crew set that was release in 2017.  Module highlights include:

  • Can be Hand Cranked or Motorized
  • GBC Layout compatibility (Standard Input and Output Heights)
  • Reliable Ball Agitator and Lift Mechanism
  • Recirculation Ramp for stand alone display

Please enjoy the video!

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