Friday, March 30, 2018

Great Ball Pit - Spring 2018 Layout Video

I did a shakedown of my modules yesterday in preparation for BrickCan in 3 weeks.  A few new issues appeared which is great, I'll have time to fix them before the event.

GBB8-C: The gear connected directly to the internal motor fell off.  This is due to the motor being placed in an axle down position, and there wasn't a proper support to keep the axle in.

Trench Run: A few ships fell off (sometimes they can get hooked on the surface the module sits on if it gets bunched up.)

Bucket Boost: Continued to drop a ton of balls (but I didn't do a timings pass on it before setting it up for this video.)  As well the Ball Loader got jammed up and then broke open dumping balls everywhere.

Roadwork and Greylime sat in the middle running flawless for an hour in standalone mode.

My new conveyor attached to the bridge worked with no issue.  Roadwork and Container Yard were left offline, as I wanted more balls inside the loop then in stand alone modules.

Other Notes
I realized when setting up, that I have quite a few modules now, and set-up and teardown takes a lot of time.  The logistics of getting all of these packed for BrickCan is daunting.  I also need to prepare a support kit that will include extra parts for the major mechanisms in my modules.

Video Below


  1. Great job on this layout, looking forward to seeing what you put up at BrickCan!

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