Friday, March 16, 2018

Rolling into Spring 2018

Hey guys, here's the latest on the Great Ball Pit as we head into Spring 2018.

Module Update
I recently finished Solaire and Tilt-Shift, two brand new modules.  The video for Tilt Shift will be up soon.  Both have been added to the "My Module" section.  The next two modules I'm planning on tackling before I get into BOOST is a Binary Counter, and a Marble Run type module.

I have no current timeline but I am still planning to roll out a free instruction section here on the blog for a few of my modules.  There's a few logistical things that I need to sort out first, like which format will work best, PDF, LDD Files or YouTube videos.  I'll update you all as soon as I'm ready to release my first set of instructions.

I recently picked up the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, and will definitely be making a GBC module out of it.  Lego Mindstorms is something I've wanted forever, but it's quite old at this point and has never received a price drop, so I'll be waiting for the NXT 4.0 version (if it's ever coming out).  I have already wired up the boost brick so that it can be powered with an 9v AC adapter, which should solve any battery issues.

A few Boost module ideas I have are: Color Sorting Module, a Moving Mine Cart type module, and some sort of interactive GBC module you could play some sort of game with.

BrickCan 2018
5 weeks until BrickCan 2018!  I will be there with as many modules as possible.  I think it will be at least 12 modules.  I'm hoping that we try a large collaborative layout this year instead of multiple separated loops.

I wanted to remind all my readers to follow me on Instagram (if you have an account).  On Instagram I frequently post upcoming build ideas, or builds in progress.

My YouTube videos are usually scheduled for release, early in the morning which means they show up there before anywhere else (including this blog).   We are closing in on 200 subs, which is amazing, and I've promised to make a layout video with all of my modules before we hit 300!  Be sure to subscribe, as it shows support and helps grow the channel.

Want to talk GBC?  Join us on the Great Ball Pit Discord Server.  Maybe you have some questions about GBC, or my modules, feel free to ask.  It may take a little while for me to see the message and reply but I usually check discord once a day.  Discord is free to use, and you don't have to register or sign up, it can also be used from within your web browser.

Post your own modules at the newly created /r/GreatBallContraption since /r/Lego doesn't seem to want GBC modules on there.

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