Friday, March 23, 2018

Tilt-Shift - A Lego GBC Module

Today I officially reveal my latest module, Tilt-Shift.  It is a technic built module using a Power Functions XL motor to drive a tilting stairs lifting mechanism.

This is actually the first all Technic module I've built using pieces from my entire collection.  All of the previous remix modules have been "parts limited" from the sets they came from.

The majority of the tilting stairs is built from 3x11x1 Technic Panels stacked up on each other with 4 of them being used to finish the exterior on the sides (A total of 14 panels).  The flag piece was used as the ramp for the balls to travel to the next level, they are attached with a small bar which is connected to the pin underneath.  I used some "Old Dark Grey" flags which was a mistaken order (I really wanted dark bluish grey).

The Power Functions XL motor drives 3 different mechanisms, the agitator, the ball indexer, and the tilting stairs.  The agitator is interesting because I use a free floating chain of "Universal Joints" to connect the gearing to the agitation lever.  This allows for the lever to stop briefly before being forced forward, which adds some additional random force inside the input bin.

Here are a few images of the module.


And here is the video.

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