Wednesday, April 25, 2018

BrickCan 2018 GBC Layout Videos

Here is a few videos of the GBC layout from BrickCan 2018.  You will notice that there is a few more modules running on Day 1, including the Akiyuki Train.  But after 8 hours of operation, a few modules were removed or replaced for Day 3.

The Day 3 video is full of Great Ball Pit module fails, including: Tilt-Shift overloading itself, Pumping Station Jamming, BB-8 Loader Exploding, and BB-8 needing some manual stimulation.


John Shermans Day 1 Video

My Day 3 Video

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  1. I really like the Before and After aspects of these layout vids... I can totally sympathize with all the day 3 broken modules!