Thursday, April 12, 2018

Update and Gearing up for BrickCan 2018!

Hey everyone,

Module Update ⚙️
I've been busy over the last week finishing and filming the DROP module as well as an upcoming SECRET module that I will will release a video for on April 20th, after it's been revealed at BrickCan.  This module uses a never before seen lift mechanism that I think is quite clever.

Packing for BrickCan 📦
I've underestimated how much storage bins and boxes I would need for BrickCan.  Packing the modules into containers and boxes has been an interesting challenge.  Some modules are being packed without being taken apart, and others are partially disassembled with their pieces in Ziploc freezer bags.  It's going to be a two trips to the car type fiasco to get all of this loaded into the River Rock Casino.  I plan on using a wheeled hand truck and bungee cords to secure everything while unloading.

Community Stuff 😍
DISCORD: Join us on Discord!  Several people have showed up over the last month and we enjoy talking about all things GBC, Lego Technic, and miscellaneous Lego stuff.
Click HERE to join the chat (No signup is required!)

Live Stream 🍿
Sometime in the first half of May 2018 I will be doing the first official Great Ball Pit Stream here on YouTube.  I did a test stream a few weeks ago that went well enough, and I will be improving the viewing experience for this May event.  I plan on building a simple module from instructions over a few hours, and skinning / designing it doesn't look so basic.  I hope you all can join me for this, as I look forward to building GBC with you all.

Depending on the availability of Wi-Fi I might try and LiveStream some of the action at the GBC layout at BrickCan as well!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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