Monday, May 14, 2018

Matt's Mine - A Lego GBC Module

Today I present my latest module, Matt's Mine!

Matt's Mine is a reservoir style module using a triple stepper lift similar to my original Reservoir module from the Grey Line series.  Reservoir was a layout saving replacement module that I used to replace modules that needed to come out of service at BrickCan 2018.  I am going to keep Reservoir around for this specific job.

Having said that, the other major issue I had was the Surge of balls that would come into my line of modules overwhelming them at times.  This was a consistent challenge to have to deal with, so much so that I quickly decided after BrickCan to build a second reservoir with it's own speed controller that I will run at the start of my modules going forward.

Building themed modules is something I also really enjoy, so I decided to expand my Minecraft module collection to now include Matt's Mine.

While Reservoir or stepper modules are not unique in the GBC community, I think that building a speed controller right into the module is something that is unique to this module.  As well I tried to do the Minecraft theme justice by including several popular minecraft characters and items scattered around the module.   Both the public and the operator get some fun stuff to look at!
The drive train inside this module is much simpler then the one in Reservoir.  It is powered by a Power Functions M Motor, which is geared down using a pair of 8 and 24 tooth gears.  The final step is geared back up 24:8 making it move three times faster then the first two steps.

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