Monday, July 30, 2018

GBC Observer 👁 Week 31, 2018

Week 31, GBC Observer is GO!

Maico has taken a video of a very complex large build module that can write words out using GBC balls. I'm curious what would happen if there were also soccer balls and the "friends" balls running through the scanner?

Spanish Builder "Jolugoma GBC" has meshed one of Maico's modules with my latest workshop module, very cool! I feel like this counts as a collaboration between Maico and myself without us having to do anything!

AnimatronicA has a very smooth looking cup to cup widget here which has some very graceful movement.

And Sawyer is back with a well decorated Classic Castle module, a siege on a castle. I like the decoration and the rapid moving agitator, it sounds really neat.


  1. Great video picks this week, especially love your Maico collab hahah!