Monday, September 17, 2018

GBC Observer 👁 Week 38, 2018

Here we go, week 38 of the Great Ball Pit GBC Observer!  One module, and 2 layouts!

Animatronica has created this interesting Pirate themed GBC.

Here is one of Maico's latest layouts.  Maico's latest Archimedes Screw (1:50) is shown, and my Whirligig module can be seen as well (9:30).

Here is a layout from the UK, lots of new modules here.  The big build at 2:45 really surprised me, very cool!


  1. Nice to see a link to my GBC video - I’m BlockheadUK on YouTube and a member of the London AFOLs LUG in the UK. A few of us enjoy building GBC and it’s always popular at shows 😃

  2. Hi Caz, I've enjoyed a bunch of your GBC and microscale videos. Thanks for stopping by!