Friday, September 7, 2018

New Lego GBC Module - Whirligig

Today I present a small module that I built earlier this week.  It's called Whirligig, and it uses axles to push balls up angled technic beams.  While I didn't come up with the concept for this lift mechanism, I did design and build this myself without using any reference material.

The most challenging part of the build was getting the angles of the bent beams correct, I ended up locking them in place with two carrot tops which I find quite amusing.  My favourite part is the 2 classic "Technic Expert" gears that I use for decoration, they are over 40 years old!

Overall this simple module seems fairly reliable as I've run it for an hour without any issues.  It should easily convert to run on a shared power system, which I plan on doing in the near future. (Update: I did it!)

Instructions for Whirligig are available on the Instructions page.

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