Monday, October 8, 2018

BrickCon 2018 - Hidden Worlds

BrickCon 2018 was the largest Lego convention I've attended, and it was awesome!  It was a 4-day event, and I met a lot of great people, and saw some amazing builds.  It was quite a bit of effort to bring down all my GBC, luckily the loading zone was very convenient to get stuff in and out of the Convention Hall.

The Convention Hall
The show was so big, and I was so busy with the GBC I'm sure I didn't see 50% of the mocs that were being displayed.  I also didn't even see half of the vendors that were set-up.  Even though it was a big open space with 20+ foot ceilings it still got very warm inside during public hours.  The GBC theme had several 8x5 tables to display on.

The GBC Layout
For day 1 we ran several smaller individual layouts.  My layout consisted of the following modules:  Matt's Mine, Solaire, Tri-Sep, WM-01, Lego Boost Pachinko, Reservoir, Greylime XL, and my "Bacon" Bridge.

The highlight of the event was on Sunday afternoon when we decided to hookup all the GBC modules into a massive single loop.  Everyone had to work together to figure out how to get it done because some of the GBC layouts were setup clockwise and not counter-clockwise as per the standard.  The Beyond the Brick team shot a video of the continuous layout so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

GBC Theme Winners
Belle of the Balls - Greylime XL (M Norman)
Iron Baller - Up-and-Over (J Sherman)
Contraptionist - Great Bat Contraption (K Mitcham)
Rookie of the Gears - Waterwheel (D De Gobbi)

My personal favourite GBC Mocs
Kevin's Arduino Train, John's new Technic built bridge, Dave's Cheesy Spiral widget and the rotating turntable on Justins module.

I had a great time, and am looking forward to the next convention, hopefully BrickCan 2019 in May!

The weekly observer post will be up tomorrow!

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