Thursday, October 25, 2018

Discord Module Challenge and 1000 Subscriber Giveaway

Several users on the discord GBC community chat were looking for something to build so I proposed the following challenge.  If you haven't joined the chat yet, click HERE it's free and easy to use.  We are always talking about Lego GBC and other Lego related products.

The BrickWorld series of workshop modules are great examples of smaller modules that would fit into this challenge.  Examples HERE and HERE

Module Guidelines
- Module must sit on a 16x16 baseplate, and be stable.
   - Building outside of the 16x16 footprint is allowed only for moving mechanisms, and output ramps.
- Module must meet the GBC standards for input bin height and capacity (30 balls).  Output speed needs to be "reasonable" which is around 1 ball per second, or 30 batch every 30 seconds.
- Module must use a Power Functions M, L or XL motor and be able to run at full speed using either a battery pack, or 9V controller set to max speed.
- Module does not need to be a "new mechanism".  Existing modules are welcome if they are re-skinned / themed nicely.

Challenge Details*
- Submissions will only be accepted in the Discord "challenge-2018" channel.
- Submission Deadline is December 03, 2018
- Submission must include a video of the module operating.  This can be either on YouTube or posting a video file to the challenge-2018 channel.
- Must live in North America, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe (for prize shipping reasons)
- By entering this challenge, you (the builder) are allowing me to post videos and additional content showing your module with full credit to the builder.

Each entrant will vote on their 1st and 2nd favourite module.  1st module vote counts as 2 points, 2nd module vote counts as 1 point.  The winners will be chosen based on which module receives the most and second most points.  You are not allowed to vote for your own module.  (My Chicken Pump module is not a contender, but I am allowed to vote.)

First Place Prize
- Brand New Sealed 42084 - Hook Loader
- Upslide Digital Instructions
- Module on display @ BrickCan 2019 with full credit to the designer.  (If you provide me a digital version or several pictures so I can build it)

- Upslide Digital Instructions

All entrants will receive the new "Great Ball Pit Builder" role on the discord server.

* I reserve the right to modify or append additional rules to challenge at anytime

1000 Subscriber Giveaway

As the channel grows, I wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing a giveaway when the YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers. 

- Brand New Sealed 42071 - Dozer Compactor

When that time comes, I will release a new commemorative module video.  To enter the contest you will just need to leave a comment on that video.

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