Thursday, November 22, 2018

GBC Regional Culture

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about how I've noticed GBC differs based on the region it's built and shown in.

North America (West Coast)

Lots of shared power.  In fact so much so that workshop talks have been given to convention goers on this topic alone!

In the following video Kevin's shared power starts at 4:36.  Josh had 6 modules using 2 motors earlier in the event as well.  Both John Sherman, and myself do have shared power modules, they just weren't on the table at the time of this video.

North America (Mid West and North East)

Lots of brick built modules, and these layouts have some of the oldest GBC modules in existence since this is where Lego GBC started.  Home to the BrickWorld Workshop modules.  The world record for largest GBC layout frequently bounces back and forth between here and Northern Europe.

Northern Europe

Home to the Lego Group, and a lot of Technic built modules come out of this part of the world.  Maico has been doing GBC for a while and he has a lot of vintage technic built modules.

United Kingdom

Lots of very clean looking modules.  I've seen a lot of new lift mechanisms appear from this part of the world.


Lots of robotic and factory machine style modules.  Akiyuki is a master at making complex mechanisms look easy to build and run.

Australia / New Zealand

Lots of well decorated, brick built themed modules inhabit this part of the world.  Some of my favourite themed modules have been from this part of the world.

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