Thursday, December 20, 2018

New Lego GBC parts for 2019.

Today I thought we would look at some interesting new molds/parts that will be available in some of the 2019 Lego sets.

Large Sprocket
Available in set 42095 Remote Controlled Stunt Racer
A larger sprocket should allow for bigger, larger, conveyors?  This sprocket should also reduce the wear on conveyor links due to the reduced angle required to circle the sprocket.

Large friendly 10 and 6 tooth gears
Available in set 41366 Olivia's Cupcake Cafe
Some interesting new gears that do not have an axle hole.  We will have to add one in order to drive these gears.  They remind me of the older technic expert gears like the ones I used on my Whirligig module.

Pneumatic Fire Hose
Available in set 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade
Maybe these could be used to create a pneumatic GBC shooter or some sort of ball lifting mechanism.

Ninjago Spinner Cup
Available in set 70660 Spinjitzu Jay
A nice cup-shaped element that could be used to catch or hold GBC balls.

Wedge Slope
Available in set 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar
A new wedge slope will be great for input bins and other ball pathing needs.

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