Tuesday, January 15, 2019

GBC Observer 👁 Week 3, 2019

Week 3, 2019 brings us some interesting new modules.

4 people eating soup?  It took me a few seconds to realize what I was looking at. 🍜 The input bin is a bit high, but that could be fixed by adding a small conveyor, or ball pump.

DILL.I.AM (One of our lego gbc community chat members) has created a nice small module with 2 different mechanisms.  First a pair of steps, followed by liftarms that push the balls ahead.

And now lets take a look at Kevin Mitcham's updated train loader module.  Kevin's train is powered by Arduino, and I believe the programming was done by Alex Popiel the runner-up in last years the Great Ball Pit Challenge.

Have a great week everyone!

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