Tuesday, February 26, 2019

GBC Observer 👁 Week 9, 2019

Welcome to Week 9, of the 2019 GBC Observer series.  We have several layout videos this week, so enjoy!

Maico has shared his "follow the blue ball" video from Lego World 2019. This layout features a world record 279 modules.

Beyond the Brick has released their Brickvention 2019 GBC walkaround which shows a  the modules in more detail than some of the earlier videos.  Thanks to Rohan for the shout-out!

Huw has shared this video of the GBC layout @ Reading Brick Show 2019. I like use of those odd shaped Technic panel pieces in the down chute of the overpass.

And last since I forgot to post my latest video to the blog here is a small 4 Lego Minecraft module layout.

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