Saturday, April 20, 2019

"Powered Up" now available at Lego Shop @ Home

So I just looked on Lego Shop@Home (here in Canada) and quite a few Powered Up components are now available for sale.  (Note all prices quoted in this article are in Canadian Dollars)

Intersting things:
  • They are now calling the "Boost Hub" the "Move Hub".
  • Both Medium motors have different prices, with the "simple" one costing $14.50 more. 🤔
  • The Powered Up LED lights are no longer showing up for sale.

GBC Cost Analysis:

  • Power Functions Battery Box + PF M-Motor = $18.48
  • Powered Up Hub + PU M-Motor = $89.98
Disappointingly, even at $90 the powered up components would still require a "Smart Device" or the $30 remote control to even turn on the motor.  Let's hope that some adapter cables will appear that allow us to power the newer PU motors from older PF power sources.

GBC is already quite an expensive theme to build and these new components are really going to push the price up.  I would recommend that everyone continue to stockpile Power Functions components over the rest of 2019, and get a good quantity of the 9v Train Controllers as well.

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