Sunday, May 5, 2019

BrickCan 2019 GBC Report

BrickCan 2019 has come to an end, and the GBC layout that suddenly appeared on Thursday has now faded away.

Here are the stats we recorded on Day 1 (Friday)

Number of Modules: 56
Number of builders: 8

Layout Length: 20m
Length x Width: 6.8 x 3.5

Number of Balls: 400
Average Ball Lap time: 11 minutes

Highlights for me include

Dave DeGobbi bringing a proper elevated gateway module.  This is the first time we had one at BrickCan, and I don't think I can go without it ever again.  The module had a larger version of his "cheesy buckets" cheese spiral to lower the balls which seemed to work well and also had the ability to mesmerize the public.

Everyones reaction to the Toilet Module I brought.  There was lots of laughing and shouting "IT'S A TOILET" all weekend.

Lawrie flying in from New York with his famous 9 hole putt putt golf layout.  Seeing it in person was very cool!

Running the GBC

BrickCan is a bit strange in that the public sessions are in 2 hour blocks, with a 30 minute break in between.  This allows for scheduled breaks to eat, rest, or fix modules which is great!

Lots of modules needed fixing including my Chicken Pump module which exploded twice, and continued to have issues even after being repaired/reenforced.

It was really hot because the lighting is poor in that area so they add a few standing lamps which seem to emit a lot of heat.This made standing around quite tiring, I think next year we will have to bring some fans or get them from the venue.

The public was good, with very little module grabbing, however lots of dropped ball grabbing was going on, and someone tore down 2 sides of the fencing at some point on the last day.

In Conclusion

It was a good event, and a great GBC layout!  I learned quite a bit and also had some fun.

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