Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 23, 2019

Welcome to Week 23 of 2019.  The Lego GBC community chat members have been building quite a bit, here are some videos they've posted over the last week.

Brian Bell has created a pleasant looking stepper module using some of the new parts that debuted with the Lego Education Spike Prime announcement.  He uses the new 3x3 biscuit piece as well as the 2x4 bricks with axle hole.

Pinwheel has shared his new "High Stepper" module which brings the balls up quite high.  It's a clean looking module that seems fairly straightforward in its construction.

Ryk shares a video of the GBC layout @ one of the BrisBrick events in Australia.  There is a long return train in front which surprisingly seems to be able to keep up with the amount of balls passing through the layout.

Have a great week everyone!

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