Thursday, May 23, 2019

New Module 💰 The Money Bin 💰 and 1000 Sub Giveaway!

In celebration of hitting the 1000 subscriber milestone on YouTube I've created this fun module based on Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin.  GBC balls are not cheap, and Scrooge is hoarding as many as he can!

The module meets the GBC standard for input and output, and the lift mechanism is a conveyor powered by a PF M-Motor.  It's a modified version of my "Tall Technic Conveyor".


The trap door is a fairly straight forward floor of beams that are counterweighted with some system brick.  The chute can be switched to either recirculate or output the balls, it is operated with the red lever attached to the 40T gear.  This drives a 8T gear that moves a flap inside the chute.


‣ I am giving away a sealed copy of Lego Technic set 42071 Dozer Compactor.
‣ I will be picking one random person who has commented on the YouTube video page at 12:00PST May 31st, 2019.
‣ I will post the name of the winner in a pinned comment on the YouTube video page.
‣ They will have 72 hours to email their contact information to If that doesn't happen I will pick another person.


  1. Well well, it looks like for once in my life I'm the very first to do anything but it seems this may be the first comment. I hope I win. Great model by the way!

  2. Hi Mushy, thanks for posting. To enter the contest you need to post a comment on the YouTube video page, sorry for the confusion. Hope to see you over there!