Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lego Star Wars Boost Commander now available!

Beep Boop, the new Lego Star Wars Boost Commander set (75253) is now available from Lego shop @ home.  It contains 1177 pieces and similar to the original Boost Creative Box (17101) it appears to contain 1 Boost HUB, 1 External motor, and 1 Color/Distance sensor.

Including the 2 motors in the HUB, that gives you a total of 3 motors to use in your projects.

The Lego Boost system requires the use of a mobile smart device (phone/tablet) to both code, and run your applications.  This is the biggest downside of the Boost system.  When I was running my Boost Pachinko module at BrickCon 2018 I had to leave my mobile phone running the boost app within range of the module at all times otherwise the module would stop functioning.

Only a few builders have created Lego Boost modules, here are a few recent videos I've found.

Brian is using both a Boost HUB and a Powered Up HUB to prototype a train system.

HRU Bricks has a hybrid Boost Lego Ball Machine which also features pneumatics.

A German builder has also built an interesting Boost powered Lego Ball Machine.

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