Saturday, June 1, 2019

Spring into GBC Challenge Results

Over the last month, 3 of the community chat members came together to organize a small build challenge.  FakeSpaceSquid, Ethan M, and Brian Bell put up some great prizes for their "Themed GBC" challenge.

The challenge was to build a themed module, one that you may recognize, or one that told some kind of story.

There were 11 builders and each builder was allowed to vote for 3 other modules that they liked the most.

The results:

First place: Pinwheel and his "Super Mario Brothers" module.

Second place: The Scrooge McDuck "Money Bin" that I created for my 1000 subscriber milestone.

Third place: Tunnel Cat's "Another Day in the Mine" module.

Honourable mentions to all of the other entries which I've linked below

Bengineer's Crane and Truck

Ethan's BananaGIG

Joel's Christmas Module

Lawrie's Rover

Ryk's Power Miners Wheel

Brian's Stepper Module

Lawrie's Lapras Pokemon Pump

Dill.I.Am's Mountain Pump

Not shown is LittlePlasticBricks "White Castle Conveyor"  which was one of my favourites.  I'll edit this post and add the video if it every shows up on YouTube.

I enjoyed all of these modules, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone builds next!

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