Thursday, July 4, 2019

New Lego GBC Module - Multipath

Presenting Multipath, my latest Lego Great Ball Contraption module!

This module was built with utility in mind, and its output can be split into two separate paths.

The lift mechanism is a stepper that loads 4-5 balls into the sports ramp half-pipe, where a vertical sweeper raises the balls to the output ramps.  Both output ramps can be set to recirculate if desired.  If only one output ramp is set to recirculate then this module behaves like any other, with one input and one output.

It's powered by a Lego Power Functions M motor, but you can hear it slightly straining in the video.  I may replace this with an L motor in the future depending on its performance at the next convention.

This module took a little while to get working right, the most challenging part was building  the linkage that swings the sweeper in a back-forth type motion.

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  1. This is awesome! I've often wanted to have parallel streams of machines at a display to optimise table space and this provides a great solution.