Friday, September 13, 2019

What's in my GBC convention kit?

As I prepare for a few upcoming events I thought I would share what's in my GBC parts/repair/utility kit that I bring with me to conventions.  My current kit is stored inside a small Plano fishing tackle organizer, adorned with some various Lego/Convention related stickers.

Inside everything is somewhat organized with different tools/parts stored in their own section.  From top left to bottom right is the following:

  • New Spare Motors: 1XL, 1L, 1M.
  • Larger Technic Bricks & Beams, Technic Plates
  • Spare Gears (2+ of each type)
  • Technic Pins, Bushings and Telescopes.
  • Various Technic Beam Variants (Dogbones, T's, Biscuits, HassenPins, etc)
  • Technic Connectors (all sizes)
  • Axles (2+ of most sizes), Spare Sprockets (1 of each size)
  • Smaller Technic Bricks
  • Tools, Larger Pieces, Sharpies, Labels, Pocket Knife, Brick Badge & Promo Bricks.

Here's a closer look at some of the parts stored inside.

One essential item I would also recommend you bring is Masking Tape.  You can use it to label various things like train controllers, wires, or modules.

What is inside your toolkit, and what do you store it in?  Am I missing some essential items?  Leave a comment below.


  1. A *pair* of brick separators, with your name on the backs.

    Red or blue test ball?

    I keep my stuff in a ball-catching box, which goes into the corner of one of my module cartons.

  2. Always love when you publish guides like these Matt!