Monday, February 10, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 06, 2020

Welcome to week six of the GBC Observer for 2020.  With spring on the horizon and all of these new modules appearing, I'm hoping that this is a good indicator that GBC season has arrived!  There are a bunch of North American Lego Conventions kicking off soon and hopefully some exciting new GBC layouts appear!

Now onto this weeks videos.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is Jason Allemann's first GBC module.  Jason is well known in the Lego community for his builds, and has contributed to 2 published Lego Ideas sets.  This module features a simple stepper that feeds into a line of robots who pass the balls along to the output.  Visually it's very clean and fun to look at with the different robot builds.  Plenty of mechanism remains unhidden offering even more visual interest.  I like that Jason identified and solved the classic issue of balls stalling in the input bin by making the side walls asymmetrical using a curved brick on one side and some angled bricks on the other.  The GBC sign is pretty snazzy as well!

Have you guys seen Rohan's 5 mini-golf holes?  He's taken Lawrie's base design and done some great theming here.  I love the Fabuland and classic space ones.

Delwely's going full GBC now, and I really like the simplicity of this shooter module.  I may have to replicate this sometime soon :)

Have a great week everyone!

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