Tuesday, July 21, 2020

V-22 Osprey no longer coming to stores August 1st.

So the Osprey set has been cancelled, and we won't be discussing the politics of why here.  So instead let's talk about the tangible effects of the set being cancelled.

First let's speak on the demise of Lego Power Functions as it currently exists.
The Lego Group has stated that the Power Functions line of electronics will be sunset at the end of 2020.  This follows the 2019 discontinuation of the 84599 Rechargeable Battery Pack which is now over $100 used on Bricklink.  The 84599 was the only modern purist way to have variable speed control and be able to plug it into a wall.  Variable speed control is crucial in developing GBC modules, as it allows for various test situations to ensure module reliability.

84599 Rechargeable Battery Pack
Now while most veteran GBC builders today are using the older discontinued 2868b 9v Train Speed Regulators.  Many of us are looking to move forward with the Powered Up (PUP) line of products so that we will be able to quickly and easily buy new components direct from Lego should the need arise.  The current issue is that none of the current powered up hubs allow for AC power, and none of them have a rechargeable component.  As well they are very expensive because they include a small circuit board and bluetooth radio inside each one.  (Lego Education hubs do have rechargeable batteries)


PUP Control+ HUB

So where does the V-22 Osprey fit into all of this?  TLG hinted at a "Simple Battery Box" over a year ago during their PUP workgroup.  It was supposed to be a device that would operate like the current PF battery box offering a simple "on/off" for the PUP motors.  We rejoiced in knowing that "it may arrive eventually".

Well with the reveal of the V-22 Osprey set, many of us were delighted to see that the simple battery box would indeed be released, and be more functional then we expected.  It had 2 motor ports and offered axle holes connected to each switch that would allow for interesting connections to flip the switches.

PUP Simple Battery Box and L Motor

Well now that the set has been cancelled, we are nowhere closer to having a cheap solution to run our PUP motors.  Some are speculating that the parts may become available on Lego's Bricks & Pieces  on August 1st.  We will have to wait and see.

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