Sunday, November 21, 2021

New Lego GBC Module - Laminar Flow


This is Laminar Flow, my latest Lego GBC module that I built for the 2021 Great Ball Pit Challenge.  The main constraint of this years challenge was to lift a ball to a height of 24 inches (64 Bricks).  I achieved the height with a twinned conveyor powered by a Lego PF-M motor.

This module features a Zamor Sphere (Part: 54821) filter that recirculates the Zamor's inside the module, while Lego GBC Balls are allowed to exit.  Well... this is what's supposed to happen.  Sometimes the Lego GBC balls are also re-circulated, which is something I will need to improve in the future.

The filter is simply 2 beams spaced apart at a distance that allows for the GBC balls to fall through.  The new beams with pinholes on all sides (Part:71710) seem to work well for this application.

The gearbox is fairly simple, with the medium motor clutched and geared down so it can move the large conveyor without any issues.  The conveyor is tensioned like my other Technic built conveyors using a pair of light-grey spring shocks.

In summary, I'm really happy to have been able to use up the following quantity of parts that were sitting lifeless in my workshop:
  • Blue Zamor Spheres (Thanks VLC Diana)
  • Blue Duplo Slides that were once used in my 8 foot long slide video VIDEO HERE
  • Lots of LUGBulked Black 1x16 Technic Bricks and  Black 7x11 Technic Frames
This module is sure to have great table presence if I can ever get it to a live GBC event.  (Hopefully sometime in 2022). 

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