Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lego GBC and Reddit, what gives? 😕

I have been thinking about this lately and thought I would open this up for discussion here on the Great Ball Pit.

From what I can surmise /r/Lego over on really disapproves of Lego Great Ball Contraption modules.  I'm not sure if this is a reddit community specific issue, or is this a more general issue within the lego AFOL community?

The GBC module with the highest upvotes on /r/Lego is Akiyuki's Strain Wave Gearing Module at 780 points followed by Akiyuki's Planets at 61 points.  Close behind that is BvB's rainbow wave which has 51 points.

Akiyuki is easily one of the most skilled and well known GBC builders in the world with 102k YouTube subscribers and over 74 million channel views.  So why his modules don't get more exposure and rank highly is very confusing.

My personal experience with posting modules on reddit also resulted in poor uptake, with a couple of them being "down-voted to oblivion".  My highest rated submission was my Tri-Sep module @ 15 points.

Compare these well engineered, well designed Lego GBC MoC's to what I would consider low quality or joke builds on /r/Lego that gain well over 5,000 points and it's quite perplexing, and discouraging.

It is unlikely that I will post anymore modules on /r/Lego and instead I have created /r/GreatBallContraptions which is open to everyone to share their GBC modules, and videos.

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