Monday, February 5, 2018

Mine Loader Remix

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to present the latest model in my "Remix" series, and have taken the contents of 42049 Mine Loader and turned them into a GBC layout ready module.  Additionally the module can be powered by hand, and run in recirculation mode for stand alone play.

After 3 failed lift mechanisms, I attempted something similar to a mechanism I recently saw on YouTube.  It's what I'm calling a "Sequential Sweeper".  It uses rotating axles to push a ball up a ramp.

My crowning achievement is getting the engine block and piston to work at the very end of the build when I had a sparse selection of parts remaining.

Instructions are forthcoming and like my last remix module there is a good chance they will end up on offer at PV-Productions website.

Here are some additional images of the module.

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