Sunday, February 4, 2018

Working with PV-Productions

I recently had the opportunity to work with Philip Verbeek at PV Productions.  Philip is what I would consider a Master GBC builder.  His main focus is taking existing Lego Technic sets and turning them into interesting GBC modules.  It was Philip who inspired me to do the original Roadwork Remix module.

Our collaboration was simple, I modify the Roadwork Remix module to match Philip's core fundamentals, and he would produce the module instructions, and promo video for his website.

The key design changes I needed to make were the following:
- Build a hand crank that can be used to power the module. (In addition to the motor)
- Add a re-circulation feature. (For stand alone playability)
- Do not use the extra parts that were leftover after building the regular set.
- Keep the spinning Technic 40th anniversary sign.

This was extremely challenging yet also extremely satisfying to get each of the changes done.  I felt like I was making a GBC module on hard mode.  I had to recover many parts to make the changes, but not reduce the functionality, reliability, or structural integrity.

The end results are great, the module looks better then before and now has even more features.

I'd like to thank Philip for the opportunity to collaborate, and hope to work with him more in the future.

You can visit Philips website at and check out the instructions for this module and many others that Philip has created.

Here is the resulting video that Philip created for the model!

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