Monday, June 18, 2018

GBC Observer 👁 Week 25, 2018

A bit of a slow week for GBC on YouTube this last week.  What have I been working on ? I've finally finished my rebuild of Greylime, and a video will be coming out soon comparing both the old and new model.

Lets start with this Japanese GBC Layout.  I like the use of the Samsonite gears at the 1 minute mark with the interesting train module.

Here's another Maico layout, this time from Portugal.  He does have a new tiny conveyor module that he has integrated into his big grid array of modules. (at 14m20s)

Serendibite is back with a little ferris wheel type lift.  It's a little bit jerky due to the high angles of the universal joints.

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  1. Some nice hopper agitation though in that last module!