Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Greylime XL - A Lego GBC Module

Today I present my rebuild of Greylime which is now called Greylime XL!

Greylime was the first GBC module I ever built, it was also very functional and reliable.  It could recirculate and had very few issues after running for over 30 hours combined at both BrickCan 2017 and BrickCan 2018.  After BC18, I decided I wanted to rebuild this module to fix a few things.

Greylime XL fixes the following issues:
  • The input bin wasn't large enough to take full advantage of the recirculation functionality.
    • It is approximately 80% larger then before (12x12 vs 13x20)
  • The input bin wasn't located at the position required by the GBC Standard
    • It now touches the front and left side of the 32x32 baseplate it sits on
  • The conveyor would very rarely jam near the top.
    • It has been rebuilt and balls can no longer jam up at the top.

Greylime XL adds the following new features:
  • Input bin agitation.
    • The agitator is a common build using a bionicle eye/tooth rotating via gears and axles.
  • Larger "Plinko" widget.
    • The larger "Plinko" widget has been expanded to fill the void left from increasing  the modules size to 32x32.
  • Illuminated Mini-MoC display area.
    • The illuminated mini-MoC area will be a great place to show off a few mini-figs or micro builds related to the event the module is being shown at.
  • Stowable Output ramp extensions.
    • The included stowable output ramps allow for more versitility when trying to link modules together in a collaberative layout.

I am hoping that Greylime XL will exceed the reliability and functionality of the original module.


  1. This really turned out great, congrats on such a successful rebuild!

  2. Thanks, I'm really happy with how it's been improved.