Friday, August 3, 2018

GBC Tutorial - Where can you get GBC balls?

I know many of you GBP readers will know where to acquire GBC balls, but for people wanting to start building GBC I've uploaded a video showing where you can get them online.  I also share the reasoning why it's best to build with the official balls if you think you might eventually bring your modules to a collaborative layout.

If you haven't seen it before my online information on this topic is available here.


  1. Hi Matt. Have you any experience of the PV-Productions alternative balls which are supposed to be a good correlation with the Lego ones in terms of size and weight? If not, given the appearance of some of your modules / reworks on their site, do you think you could get hold of some balls for evaluation? all the best. Steve

  2. Hi Steve, I currently have zero alternative GBC balls. I started building GBC with 5 balls I obtained through Lego Friends sets, I then proceeded to pay the outrageous price for 30 more from Lego Shop @ Home.

    I've heard that the PV balls work just fine (especially for just running personal loops and testing at home) but I have no idea how they would fare at a larger layout for an extended period of time.

    I will enquire if I can obtain some for review, but at this time I can neither endorse, nor dismiss the balls available at PV Productions.