Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Technic Sets for Summer 2018

I thought we could take a quick look at these 4 new technic sets that were just released (August 1st, 2018)  and think about what kind of GBC we could build out of them.

42079 Heavy Duty Forklift
Seems like a decent little kit.  A bunch of system pieces are used in this kit which is not usually the case in technic sets.

Parts I like: A lot of Technic Beams and Panels in Dark Blue, a few 5x7 Square Technic Beams in black.  I really like the dark blue color and more parts in that color are welcome.

Possible Builds: It looks like there is enough required parts to create a "Remix" module using only the parts in the set.  There is plenty of small gears and the piece needed to create a hand crank.

42080 Forest Harvester
This set comes with a Power Functions L motor, and some components in the new Pneumatics System V2

Parts I like: The L Motor, and the new pneumatics system.  Lots of new parts in both lime and regular green.

Possible Builds: Some sort of pneumatic Scissor lift.

42081 Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX
Parts I like: 8 of those new 5x7 Technic Bean Squares in black.  The huge digger bucket.  (How many balls could it shovel?)  There is a good amount of Technic Panels in black as well which is nice.

Possible Builds: Some sort of ball pusher/scooper utilizing that large bucket.

42082 Rough Terrain Crane
Parts I like: Like the 42080 Forest Machine, this set also comes with a Power Functions L motor.  Along with that are 8 of the Large Ring Gears which would make for a nice dark version of my SOLAIRE module.  Lots of panels here, as well as 3 Clutch gears!

Possible Builds: With over 4000 parts you should be able to create all sorts of modules.

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