Thursday, October 18, 2018

Double VIP points on Lego Shop @ Home

For any of you waiting to stock up on the soon to be discontinued Power Functions motors.  This week is a good time to stock up.  Lego has their double VIP point promotion on.  I've picked up a few more M-motors, extensions wires, and switches.

I actually burned out an M-motor for the first time at BrickCon.  It was on my Tri-sep module which was clutched and not under heavy load... some people have speculated that it was the motor that I used in my "World's tallest ball pump" video which it might be since I never marked that motor (which I should have).

I've also noticed that orange GBC balls are back in stock.  They are expensive, but if you want to test against what you'll use at a convention you'll need a few.  Search for part 72824 in the replacement bricks section.

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