Sunday, October 21, 2018

GBC Module - Boost Pachinko

It's been a long time coming, but here is the write-up and video for my Lego Boost module.

This module is a playable Pachinko game that pays out a jackpot if the ball goes in the correct opening.  It uses the Lego Boost Hub and external Boost Motor and Boost Sensor.

The Boost Hub motors power the aiming guide, as well as the jackpot door.  The external motor powers the conveyor, and the sensor is used to detect if the jackpot has been #triggered.

I've modified my Boost hub to work with AC power by using a small 9V DC power adapter.  This allowed me to run the module for many hours at BrickCon 2018 in Seattle without having to waste batteries.

This module had to be programmed on my phone using the Boost programming software.  It's not super complicated but it controls the following major functions:

Control the aiming guide automatically moving it back and forth.  As well you can manually take control of the guide and "play" the game trying to aim a ball into the jackpot opening.

Detect if a jackpot is hit, stop the conveyor and aiming guide, open the jackpot door, play a sound and then restart everything.

This version has 2 game area's available to play, it's really easy to swap them.  I plan on building an additional one for BrickCan 2019.

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