Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Lego GBC Module - The Throne (Flushing Toilet GBC)

I present to you "The Throne".  The throne is a flushing toilet GBC which has some great motion and sound as the balls circle the toilet bowl.

The lift mechanism is a modified BrickWorld 2018 Ball Pump that has had the gearing replaced and relocated.  As well it is now using a PF XL motor to lift the taller stack of balls.

The flushing mechanism is a simple see-saw balance mechanism, that tips (flushes) when it receives 4-5 balls.  The balls then travel down a ramp to a chute that has some inverted curved slope pieces at the bottom which help redirect the balls horizontally out into the bowl.

This module also has a "Great Ball Pit" style recirculation function that is spring loaded to ensure a solid switch.  This allows the module to run in either stand alone or collaborative modes.

I've added a couple of easter eggs to the module like the plumber in the control room, as well as a spider crawling up the tank.

If you were curious, the toilet bowl is made from the older sports arena corners in white.  They are around 15 years old and they only came in one set, a Snowboarding set to be exact.  Part #: 43086

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