Thursday, June 13, 2019

BrickWorld Chicago 2019 GBC SAWTOOTH Lego Great Ball Contraption Module

Today I present my version of SAWTOOTH.  A Lego GBC Module designed by John Brost.  This module was created for use as the BrickWorld 2019 Chicago GBC Workshop Module.  It uses a Jigsaw style lift and is powered by a Lego Power Functions M Motor.

I've skinned my version to be mostly light and dark grey, I also added a rainbow colour to the lift mechanism.  I call this variation "Grainbow".

I built mine only using the parts list, a video clip, and a cover image.  No instructions were available at the time of the build, which made this quite challenging yet satisfying.

Please enjoy the video.


  1. I am wondering how I can source the parts list and build instruction for this GBC. I was unable to attend the Chicago show. Do you know if someone is going to put together a parts kits for it

    1. Parts list is here: Instructions should be available on sometime in the near future.

  2. On page 16 of the PDF manual, it mentions using an alignment tool to set proper rotation. what is the alignment tool, and where can I find instruction on how to get one or make one - Got mine built but it keep coming apart