Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lego Old Town Road GBC Module

I'm gonna take my lego to the old town road 🎶 I'm gonna build 🎶 until I can't no more.

Today I'm sharing my Old Town Road module based on the #1 song from Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

The module starts with a custom conveyor designed to look like an old wooden grain elevator.  It was based on my WM01 small conveyor, but I increased the height so that it could reach the "Old Town Road" part of the module.  I had to add a tensioner to the conveyor due to the increased height which  left some slack in the conveyor.

The balls exit the conveyor onto a ring of old racer track, where Lil Nas and Billy Ray are circling the Old Town Road indefinitely.  The balls are pushed around the track until they reach the split which allows them to go down a track segment and out of the module.


Since the Grain Elevator isn't physically attached to the Old Town Road, it can be placed anywhere around ring.  This allows this module to be used as a corner module or a U-Turn module depending on what's needed in the layout.


Lil Nas and Billy Ray have custom mounts with Lil Nas riding on a horse with his loot, and Billy Ray riding in a Red Sports car with his guitar.


They are driven around the track by an XL motor which powers a simple gear train to spin the 32L axles from the middle of the ring.  I put all of this into a mountain / mine type structure which is physically connected to the ring ensuring that is remains positioned correctly. 

The utility of this module being able to be a corner or U-Turn is something that I really needed in my collection of GBC modules.  I'm planning on keeping this one in my permanent collection.

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