Monday, June 10, 2019

Build & Chat w/ Matt (Live Stream) Recap

This last Saturday I was feeling inspired to try Live Streaming some GBC building again, and it seemed to go pretty well.  I think the 2 hour duration works well for me and allows for enough time to complete one project, and chat with everyone.

On the stream, I built Ethan M's Bananagig module, and did some fixes to my broken Upslide module.  Thanks to everyone who jumped into chat to talk about GBC!

Moving forward I will be doing a monthly live stream every 2nd Saturday of the month starting at 5PM PST (00:00GMT) This time allows for most of my viewers to be able to tune in.

The format is subject to change but I will most likely be:

  • First Hour: Building a module I have not built before (from instructions)
  • Second Hour: Tweaking some of my own projects.
Below is the replay from the last stream.

If you have any feedback on the live streams please email me or drop a comment below or on YouTube!

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