Monday, May 25, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 21, 2020

Good morning, afternoon, or perhaps evening where-ever you are.  Welcome to the Lego GBC Observer for week 21, 2020.  There hasn't been too much new GBC activity over the last week, so a few of these choice picks are from earlier in the year.

First up is a speed-o-meter module from Bananaman, these types of modules have been done before, and use a differential mechanism to adjust the "speed" indicator, which will decrease over time unless balls are flowing through the machine.  Good stuff 🍌🕺.

Next, Snowy has created a new conveyor module with an interesting feature (which you'll have to see for yourself).  While the feature is relatively simple, I've never seen this on any other module.  This will allow for some basic audience interaction, very creative!

And for the finale this week, Lawrie walks us through his glow in the dark WORLD OF LIGHTS segment he did for the last Brickworld Virtual event.  My favourite is the super heroes shooter tower with the glowing balls being shot through the air.

Have a great week everyone!

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