Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Lego GBC Module Video - Catamaran Remix

Today I'm doing the official reveal of my 42105 Catamaran Remix Lego GBC module.  This module uses parts from the Lego Technic 42105 Catamaran set, and has resulted in a vertical sweeper module that actually floats! (Video linked below)

It was challenging trying to figure out how to incorporate the sails into a GBC module, and in the end they ended up being used as part of the input bin and output ramp.  The worm gears included in this set allowed for a proper gear reduction, and the pontoons worked as a large stable base for the module.

In order to achieve the floating, I had to add a few Lego boat weight pieces to help balance the weight in the stern of the boat.

I've run this module at a few events now both live and virtual and it has had no issues.  The input bin does not meet the standard for 30 ball batch, but smaller batches of 10 or less seem to work okay.

Instructions will be available in the boutique soon, so check back later if you are interested!

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